Crowdsourcing Call for PrEP
Crowdsourcing Call for PrEP

Crowdsourcing Call for PrEP

Crowdsourcing Call Winners Selected

HOPE Philippines Crowdsourcing Call Winners and Finalists

HOPE Philippines in December 2022 announced the top three winners and seven finalists of its crowdsourcing call for solutions to increase PrEP use in the Philippines. The first place winner, Project SHAFT – Sustainable HIV & AIDS Awareness through Fashion Tales by Gerald, is a partnership with a design school to create sustainable graphical, digitally printed ready-to-wear garments that would showcase the artistry of fashion design students and create awareness about PrEP. The second place winner, Community-Based Mobilization Algorithm, is a recommender algorithm that optimizes mobilization events for key populations based on the data of current community-based services such as HIV testing and PrEP, and other publicly available data. The third place winner, PharmAssist for PrEP by Charles Mandy G. Ayran, is a three-phased project aimed at increasing the recognition of the clincial benefits of PrEP and normalizing its use through the 1) development of a universal PrEP access QR code and symbol, which will be linked to the (2) development of a mobile application containing medication information about PrEP use, with instructions on the nearest PrEP access and dispensing points, and (3) expansion of access points through enrolment of patients to the community pharmacy of their choice.

The seven finalists are as follows:

  • Holistic Strategy for PrEP Promotion and Adherence – holistic strategy that focuses on awareness and promotions, consultation and testing, counselling and dispensing, PrEP intake, regular visits and ending medication
  • The Untapped Pharmacist in HIV Prevention Program – multi-phase program that taps community pharmacies and pharmacists to increase awareness in HIV prevention, treatment, and stigma reduction
  • PrEP-Up – mobile application that will serve as a comprehensive HIV prevention tool with basic information and links to resources on HIV/STI prevention, testing, PrEP information, and provider locators
  • Mask for Awareness – movable mask dispenser offering free face masks with PrEP infographics inside the packaging, which can be strategically placed in accessible locations in the community such as high-demand establishments
  • PrEPR: PreP Reinforced – closed-loop data ecosystem that aims to enable clinics and clients to monitor PrEP issuances. It includes the PrEPr Clinics App for the delivery of PrEP services, a Clients App to facilitate virtual consultations, refill requests, and monitoring of PrEP use, and a Clients module with a social networking feature for users to interact
  • PoSH! (A streamlined dating mobile application) – mobile application that works like a dating app application, with a streamlined agenda of educating Filipinos about PrEP. The “dating” progresses as the key population becomes knowledgeable about PrEP and they begin doing “meet-ups” for face-to-face counseling and availing of PrEP.
  • CBS Motivators for PrEp! – program to train and dispatch case-based surveillance (CBS) motivators to assist individuals on HIV testing and using preventive measures such as PrEP



What Is Crowdsourcing?


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Crowdsourcing is a process of having a group, including experts and non-experts, solve a problem and then share the solution with the public.

This crowdsourcing open call aims to engage the community to become directly involved in developing solutions that can potentially improve access to the initial and sustained use of PrEP.


What Are We Looking For?

We are in search of innovative solutions that are developed for and by Filipinos to increase uptake of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among key populations, such as men having sex with men (MSM) and transgender women. Here are the possible solutions that you can submit:


  1. Type of innovation. A broad range of solutions aimed at increasing the use of PrEP among key populations, such as but not limited to any or combination of the following:
    1. Products – an article or item that is manufactured or refined for sale which solves a market problem or addresses a customer’s need (i.e., a device to remind them of their PrEP intake and/or when it is time to refill)
    2. Process and programs – a set of instructions designed to complete a specific task, and the process of executing that program (aimed at increasing PrEP use)
    3. Marketing strategies – a plan of action designed to promote a product or service (i.e., PrEP use), with a focus on reaching the target population and persuading them to procure or utilize that product or service
    4. New roles or behavioral practices – a set of responsibilities for capacity-building, or a set of procedures or exercises that carry out the goal of adopting a behavior which leads to or promotes the desired outcome (i.e., increased PrEP use)
    5. New paradigms – a new logical framework for understanding a situation, or way of thinking or doing things, that replaces the old way (in the context of increasing PrEP use)
    6. Policies – a law, regulation, procedure, administrative action, incentive, or voluntary practice that is adopted and followed by a group, organization, or government (aimed at increasing PrEP use)
  2. Stage/phase of innovation. Regardless of the innovation stage, all innovative entries are accepted:
    1. Idea/s – generation and development of novel ideas; a formulated thought or suggestion as to a proposed course of action
    2. Demonstration/pilot projects – a working prototype or practical exhibition or explanation of how an idea is to be carried out; an initial small-scale method that is used to prove the viability of a project idea, often involving a limited release of a particular product, scheme, or service, targeting a limited scope of the intended final solution
    3. Small- to medium- scale implementations for six months or more – full roll-out of the idea to the whole target population


What Is PrEP?


Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is the regular or on-demand oral HIV medication (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate/emtricitabine) used by HIV-negative people to prevent HIV infection.


How To Submit?

All interested parties may submit their entry through the following channels: electronically via email or online form, through a courier, or in-person in any of our three study sites.

  1. Via online form – Access and complete the online entry form at this link: Online Form.
  2. Via email – Send the complete entry form and other supporting documents in PDF format to with the subject line: “HOPE PH CROWDSOURCING ENTRY / <Name of Solution/Innovation>”
    Click to download the submission form
  3. Printed entries via in-person submission or via courier – Submit your completed entry forms and other supporting documents to any of following HOPE Philippines’ partner study site addresses:
    Office/Site Complete Mailing Address
    Foundation for the Advancement in Clinical Epidemiology, Inc.
    (Implementing Agency)
    Unit 21 M, 8 Adriatico Padre Faura Street corner J. Bocobo Street, Ermita, Manila 1000 Philippines

    (632) 8525-4098

    LoveYourself, Inc. Anglo Unit 5, 3/F, Anglo Building, #715-A Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City
    (Wed to Sun – 12:00NN to 7:00 PM, Mon & Tues – closed)
    Sail Clinic Calamba 3rd Flr., HK Bldg., Manila South Rd., Brgy. Halang, Calamba, Philippines


    Rajah Community Center, FPOP Iloilo 2F Dulalia Blg. Rizal St. Bgy. Maria Clara, City Proper 5000 Iloilo City, Philippines


What Are The Prizes?

    1. The top three winners will receive the following incentives:
      1. Plaque of recognition
      2. Cash prize (inclusive of 20% tax)
        1. First prize: Eighty thousand pesos (Php 80,000)
        2. Second prize: Forty thousand pesos (Php 40,000)
        3. Third prize: Twenty thousand pesos (Php 20,000)
      3. Opportunity to participate in the hackathon
    2. The top seven finalists are entitled to the following incentives:
      1. Certificate of recognition
      2. Cash prize of Five thousand pesos (Php 5,000) each (inclusive of 20% tax)\
    3. The entries of all finalists will be included as source materials in the hackathon.


Got More Questions?

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