HOPE Philippines
Pilot Implementation Projects

Pilot Implementation Projects

On February 2023, HOPE Philippines, in partnership with three PrEP clinics, FPOP Iloilo, SAIL Clinic Calamba, and LoveYourself, implemented three pilot PrEP innovations which are fruits of the co-designing and co-creation event in January 2023 – Pagpupunla: Hack for PrEP. Here’s a closer look at the three PrEP innovation projects. 


FPOP Iloilo: RAMPA PrEParado

Iloilo faces the challenge of disseminating information about PrEP and HIV services to communities across Panay Island, which spans four provinces and is home to approximately 4.5 million people. To overcome this geographical issue, FPOP Iloilo expanded its reach and raised awareness about PrEP among prospective clients through RAMPA PrEParado. The project capacitated and empowered ambassadors of FPOP Iloilo called the Rajah and Diwata Sang Iloilo, who played a pivotal role in promoting PrEP use and HIV prevention. Training, capacity building, adopt-a-community programs, and the creation of network groups were key components of this initiative, enabling FPOP Iloilo to amplify HIV prevention efforts in Region VI (Western Visayas).

SAIL Clinic Calamba: PrEP Pageant

SAIL Clinic Calamba recognized the need to address the lack of awareness and low uptake of PrEP, particularly among the transgender community, in Laguna. To address  this, they implemented the PrEP Pageant initiative, an innovative approach that combined advocacy, education, and fashion design. SAIL Clinic trained an ambassadress from their local key population to deliver counseling services on PrEP, guide prospective clients, and provide support to those who were already taking PrEP among local beauty pageant candidates. Joining local beauty pageants, the ambassadress used PrEP as an advocacy to raise awareness and initiated conversations about HIV testing within their local reach. SAIL Clinic also partnered with the crowdsourcing call winner, Gerald Farofaldane, to design and create a gown incorporated with QR codes that link to key information on HIV and PrEP. 

LoveYourself: PrEPPY Spaces

LoveYourself identified the need to address barriers preventing individuals from accessing PrEP. While PrEP was already offered for free, procedural inconveniences hindered its uptake among some key populations. LoveYourself developed the PrEPPY Spaces program, which involved training individuals to conduct client testing, set up telemedicine sessions and referrals, and dispense PrEP while being guided by doctors. By leveraging online spaces such as dating applications and social media platforms, PrEPPY Spaces reached a younger demographic, increasing accessibility and engagement. This innovative approach streamlined the PrEP process, addressing procedural concerns and ensuring a more client-centered experience.

HOPE Philippines’ partner clinics – FPOP Iloilo, SAIL Clinic Calamba, and LoveYourself – have shown dedication and commitment in implementing PrEP initiatives and addressing the needs of their specific communities. The pilot innovation projects offer evidence that  collaborative efforts and tailored approaches can create a bigger impact and spread hope in the fight against HIV.